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The game of Roulette has been exciting gaming enthusiasts since the 17th century. Here and now in the 21st century is when the game is REALLY heating up. Technological advancements in both internet connectivity and online video streaming have completely revolutionized online Roulette gaming. Until recently, only a computerized version of Roulette was available at online casinos in which you watched a digital wheel spin with no live human interaction. While this did not deter its popularity, integrating the live dealer into the online action has catapulted Live Roulette into one of the most popular online gaming experiences in the industry. The objective of Live Dealer Roulette is to try to predict where the ball will land and to place wagers accordingly.

In general, Roulette is a very simple, yet extremely exhilarating game to play, regardless of your level of experience. The Live Dealer Roulette rules are identical to the land based rules, right down to the American and European versions as well as some specialized variants to choose from, depending on which online casino you are playing at. To get started, you must first download the free casino software and establish a player account at the online casino you have chosen to play at. When you start the game, you will see an electronic window pop up on your monitor. The live video feed provides real time viewing of all the action, from the betting to the spinning of the Roulette wheel. You can also listen in to what the dealer is saying, or if you prefer, you may chat with the other players and the dealer via electronic chat window. Live Dealer Roulette allows you the same interaction as if you were there in the flesh.

Betting in Live Dealer Roulette is very clear-cut. You just click on the amount that you want to bet from among the available chips on your screen. The betting limits vary by table, but are typically displayed on the marquee on the playing window. Once betting is closed, the live dealer takes the wheel and the excitement begins. Live Dealer Roulette is considered to be a game of pure chance by most, but there are some Roulette buffs that believe that there exists something called a ‘dealer’s signature’. A dealer’s signature is their own personal style that they naturally develop when spinning the Roulette wheel. Some players believe that by studying a dealer’s signature that they can develop a playing strategy to predict where the ball may land.

No matter what your approach to Live Roulette, we guarantee you that when the dealer releases that little magic ball onto the wheel; the pure rush of adrenaline will be coursing through you as the excitement builds with each spin around the wheel. The climax is when the ball finally lands in one of those numbered pockets that you’ve been quietly praying would be the one you chose. Live Dealer Online Roulette is everything you could want in online gaming and truly captures the excitement and fun of the Vegas strip and brings it right to your fingertips.

Best US Live Dealer Roulette Casino

Top USA Live Dealer Roulette Online CasinoBetOnline Live Dealer Casino is one of the newer live dealer casinos that accepts USA players. Until recently, only International players had access to this type of online gambling entertainment. BetOnline awards ne players with a free $25 free play bonus. As far as licensing and security goes, BetOnlin tows the line effectively, providing a highly secure enviornment for players and your sensitive information. Visit BetOnline Casino | BetOnline Casino Review

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