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If dice are your gaming paraphernalia of choice rather than cards, then Live Dealer Sic Bo is the game for you. While it is still gaining momentum, those that have tried it love it and the Sic Bo crowd is growing. We anticipate that it won’t be long before the Live SicBo tables are filled with lines of people waiting for a seat. Live Dealer Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese dice game where the dealer rolls three dice and the players bet on the outcome.

The game’s online functionality is made possible by the latest video streaming technology that allows players online to join an actual SicBo game via live dealer webcam that is occurring in a real casino. When playing Live Dealer Sicbo, you are able to see the dealer roll the dice, hear what is being said and even chat with the dealer through the online chat feature. Live Dealer Sic Bo truly provides online players with an interactive and thrilling game that mimics the face to face casino experience so closely, you might forget you are still at home.

Players may bet on as many outcome scenarios as they choose when playing Live Dealer Sic Bo. Bets are normally placed after the dice are rolled, but before the results are revealed. There are different odds for each of the many betting opportunities. One reason players are falling in love with Live SicBo is because the outcome of a game that is managed by a live dealer feels so much more authentic than a computer game that is managed by a random number generator. It’s simply easier to trust a real person at a live dealer casino more than a computer. Players relax and enjoy themselves more when they feel confident of the game’s legitimacy. The Live Dealer feature of this game is bringing Sic Bo to the forefront of online gaming like never before.

While Live Dealer SicBo may not be as popular as BlackJack, it has developed into a trendy game that is drawing more and more players each day. SicBo has a mysterious quality surrounding it and is found to be remarkably exhilarating and full of thrills. Previously, players would have to travel far and wide to find an active Sic Bo game. Not anymore. To get in on the latest Live Dealer SicBo gaming action, you can let your fingers do the walking!

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