Even Online Gamblers Crave Face Time

What is it that players need from live dealer casinos?

While there is something to be said for the convenience, financial savings, and excitement that is at our fingertips when engaged in online gaming....it can also be said that computers have yet to successfully replace the human factor in our love of gambling.  While we may feel that winning is everything, deep down we crave that person to person connection that we simply can't get from the computer screen.  Every now and then we just want to see a person at the other end of the table.  Thanks to some rather remarkable and innovative technological advancements, we can now combine all the convenience and thrills of online gaming with the connection of a live dealer casino!

Adding the live dealer to the online casino game experience is crucial for several reasons.  First and foremost, there are old-school players who simply don't have much faith in technology and don't trust a game that lacks the human factor.  Statistics have shown that players have significantly more trust in a gaming process that includes live dealers.  Those old-school players can over look the technological aspect if they can connect during a real live dealer gambling session.  Secondly, a live dealer ignites the excitement involved in online gaming.  Simply put, it's just more fun to play, and especially to win, when you're sharing it with another live person. 

Live Dealer Online Casinos are able to put us face to face with a live dealer through advanced web video streaming technology.  Players are able to see the dealer, see the cards being dealt, and listen in to what is being said.  There are options to engage in live chat sessions with the dealer, and often times with the other players as well.  All audio and video streaming is in real time.  Online players are also given a virtual view of the table on their computer monitor to ensure that they can see the images clearly. 

While many say these are the best of times technologically, there are those that would argue that to increase dependency on technology while eliminating human contact is dangerous.  Thankfully, at least in the world of online gaming, we've been able to marry these two worlds and bring the best of each together.  The convenience of online gaming, together with the personal touch of a live dealer, combined brings players the most exciting and dependable online gaming experience possible.  So go ahead and sign in to your favorite Live Dealer Online Casino, then introduce yourself to your dealer, face to face!!

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