Lucky Live Casino Get Smart Promo Ongoing Thru Summer

Getting your game on at Lucky Live Casino just became the smartest move you can make!  A recent Lucky Live Casino Promotion is all about being smart, with your driving that is.  The grand prize package for this exciting promotion is a 2010 Smart ForTwo coupe.  Everyone who makes at least a $50 real money deposit between Jan 1st and June 30th (midnight) will receive an entry into the drawing.  Players will receive an entry into the drawing for each $50 deposit them make during the contest duration.  The drawing for the lucky winner of the Smart Car will take place on July 1st. 

The Smart Car is a two seat economy car that was designed for fun and excitement, and to be used as an economical and environmental friendly mode of transportation.  Ever since its debut in Paris in 1998, the demand for the Smart Car has often exceed the ability of the manufacturer to keep up with it.  This tiny little car costs next to nothing to operate, and is a dream when it comes to parallel parking.  This is one Lucky Live Casino Promotion you won't want to miss.

Lucky Live Casino is renowned for their creative and fun promotions, always incorporating originality and a unique flair into them.  Their Get Smart promotion is no exception.  These trendy little cars can get you where you need to go in a fun and thrilling sense of style.  Who wouldn't want one?  Surely you've seen them zooming around town by those who crave a little ingenuity with their ride.  If you'd love to be riding around in one of these sensational little hot rods, then 'get smart' and zoom on over to Lucky Live Casino and take advantage of this exciting contest!!  If Lady Luck has decided to accompany you, then a car might not be the only winning prize you walk away with!  Visit Lucky Live Casino.  We also have a valuable, comprehensive Lucky Live Casino review that will provide you with all the information you need to get started. 



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