Online Texas hold 'em comes to life

Texas Hold 'em can easily be classified as the most popular, the most played, and the most exciting poker variation out there.  It’s easy to learn and thrilling to play.  We were not surprised to see this beloved game make the virtual leap to the online gambling scene, and we've been waiting on the edge of our seat for it to join the line-up of exceptional live dealer games being offered at our favorite online casinos.  Good news, the wait is over!!  Live Dealer Texas Holdem has hit the scene, revolutionizing the face of online poker in a remarkable and wonderful way.  While virtual online poker can be extremely exhilarating, particularly in the mainstream poker rooms, adding live dealer interaction brings a whole different kind of excitement to the table. 

Live Dealer Texas Hold 'em is made possible through advanced Distance Gaming software solutions and high speed Internet connectivity.  Audio and video web streaming of an active game at a real land based casino are fed to online players through a gaming interface that allows them to participate, seeing and hearing everything that is going on at the game table, and facilitating dealer interaction through the live chat function.  These technological advancements have taken your online poker experience to the next level, and provided enhancements that deliver an ultra realistic online gaming experience, right to your fingertips!!  Players who were reluctant to venture into virtual games that were managed by a random number generator will enjoy the addition of the human factor back into their favorite poker game, restoring a certain level of authenticity that no digital program can replicate.  It is truly the best of both worlds, and the perfect combination of the convenience of online poker with the excitement of face to face, live dealer interaction. 

There are currently not any online casinos offering live dealer Texas Hold 'em that we feel is worthy to feature in this guide.



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